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About Laapog International

Laapog International is for more than 20 years successfully engaged in business matching and project development between Asia and Europe. Our business was founded on the belief that in Asia and Europe a lot of industries and real estate projectplans were in real need of more innovative thinking and effective management services. We have extended and adapted this view to worldwide markets. We quickly realized that the size, scope and agility of our company were critical factors to the successful fulfillment of our aspirations.

This is what differentiates us from our competitors; we combine big company capabilities and know-how with small company responsiveness. We have the size and resources to tackle virtually any project – civil, commercial, industrial or institutional – for our clients in Asia and Europe.

Laapog International 一个拥有超过20年成功经验的链接亚洲与欧洲商务发展计划。



Perspective 观点

As the client’s representative we are your partner. Our focus begins and ends with you, your expectations and objectives, budget considerations and deadlines. Regardless of the size of your project, we help you succeed through pro-active communication, close collaboration, extraordinary attention to detail, field-proven techniques and unsurpassed work ethic, without conflict of interest. Quality, progress and budget are not compromised for other’s profit. Our only interest is your success. We think and operate globally. We look worldwide for the best fit of combined elements to optimize project solutions for our clients success. Therefore Laapog International is the right choice for your next project.

作为客户的代表,我们就是您的合作伙伴。我们自始至终都会把焦点放在您的身上。您的期望值,您的目标,您的预算和最后期限。不管您的项目大小,我们都会积极主动的帮您洽谈,密切与您合作,特别关注每一个细节,帮助您现场考察,还运用我们无与伦比的理论知识。质量,发展和预算都是不能妥协的利润。我们只关注于您的成功。我们在全球经营范围内,帮助您找到最适合您的,最优化的基础解决方案,帮助您成功。这就是为什么您选择Laapog International计划成为您下一个计划方案的最正确选择。

The People 关于我们

Laapog International has a strong, diversified team of international infrastructure development professionals. Our experts in Program Development, Design, Management, and Trade Finance are available to assist your project needs in five different languages. We share our team’s international experience with you so that you can expand and build in international markets with the confidence that the planning, financing, and management of your projects will flow smoothly from inception to successful completion. We are here to help you plan, develop, finance, and implement your projects based on real international experience.

Laapog International程是国际化的基础设施发展的专家,拥有一支强壮的,多样化的专业团队。我们的专家在程序开发,设计,管理和贸易金融等方面可以为您的项目提供五种不同语言的帮


Process 程序步骤

The Laapog International team begins by gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ project desires and needs. We then quickly research and evaluate, with our clients, options for matching client and project needs with current technologies, sourcing, and financing. We assist the client to prepare project plans and information to maximize their project development options, minimize the time frame for project implementation, and capitalize on available strategies. Laapog International expertise becomes the client’s expertise for the success of their projects.

Laapog International程团队从一开始就清楚地明白我们的客户对项目中的期望和需求。我们会迅速的与我们的客户调查,评估,从而选出我们客户项目所需要的最正确的技术指导,采购方案和财政管理。我们也会帮助我们的客户准备项目计划和信息资料,从而实现项目最大化的的选择面,以最小化的项目时间框架实现最有效的资本策略。结合Laapog International程的专家意见和客户的专业技术使他们的项目非常成功进行。

Sectors Served 行业服务

Real Estate and Project Development


Laapog International undertakes a wide range of real estate (re)development projects and provides planning, permitting, and development assistance to communities and businesses to create employment and housing opportunities throughout Europe an Asia. Staffed by experienced planners, project managers, engineers, financial analysts, asset managers, and real estate development professionals, our real estate division specializes in challenging projects that the private sector is unable or unwilling to pursue.

Laapog International程承担广泛的房地产开发项目,提供计划,准许许可和发展援助,通过亚洲与欧洲的商业连接为社区,企业提供就业和住房机会。我们所雇用的工作人员是有经验的规划师,项目管理人,工程师,财务分析师和房地产开发专家。对于那些私营企业不能或不愿从事的项目来说,我们的房地产项目部门是专门从事具有挑战性项目的。

Brand Strategy and Services


Laapog International offers a suite of brand strategy services to complement our naming, market research, design and regulatory capabilities.

Laapog International程提供一套品牌策略服务来补充我们的命名,市场调查,设计和管理功能。