Infrastructure Real Estate & Project Development


Laapog International undertakes a wide range of real estate (re)development projects and provides planning, permitting, and development assistance to communities and businesses to create employment and housing opportunities throughout Europe an Asia. Staffed by experienced planners, project managers, engineers, financial analysts, asset managers, and real estate development professionals, our real estate division specializes in challenging projects that the private sector is unable or unwilling to pursue.

Laapog International程承担广泛的房地产开发项目,提供计划,准许许可和发展援助,通过亚洲与欧洲的商业连接为社区,企业提供就业和住房机会。我们所雇用的工作人员是有经验的规划师,项目管理人,工程师,财务分析师和房地产开发专家。对于那些私营企业不能或不愿从事的项目来说,我们的房地产项目部门是专门从事具有挑战性项目的。

Municipal Services 市政业务

Laapog International leads Asian and European Municipalities to partner with communities by providing them with real estate services and technical assistance. This (pre)development real estate services attract economic development and jobs to municipal and state.

Laapog International程是引领亚洲和欧洲市政的合作者,为社区提供房地产服务和技术援助。这项(前期)开发房地产项目还推动了经济开发,城市和国家的就业机会

Project Planning, Development, and Implementation


We provide Concept Development , Project Implementation, and Project Finance Planning working in cooperation with leading manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and designers to facilitate the successful implementation of our client’s projects.



Project Engineering & Construction Management 项目工程和施工管理

We provide Architectural and Engineering Services to uniquely capitalize on the most current and innovative solutions to our clients project design needs. Our senior staff of highly experienced Project Managers provide Construction Management Oversight throughout the Design and Construction phases to preserve value for money and assure the successful on-time, within budget, and high quality completion of your project.

我们提供给我们客户项目所需的建筑工程服务和创新独特的解决方案。我们的高级员工拥有很多项目施工管理经验,他们会为您提供施工管理监督,自始至 终参与设计与施工,保证在您的预算内,每一笔钱花的值得,并且在高品质下 保证您的施工项目按时成功完成。

Plant, Machinery & Equipment Procurement, Installation, On-Site Training & Start-up


We provide Procurement Management services to assure successful project implementation by consolidating Plant, Machinery, and Equipment for shipment to the designated project site for installation, on-site training of local staff, and project start-up.



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